Top 5 rules for using color in email
Myth: Sender reputation is irrelevant for B2B marketers.

25 easy-to-digest email tips

Kara Trivunovic posted a list of 25 Things Email Marketers Don't Seem to Know -- But Should

These are my favorites:

  • Best time of day to send email is like the chupacabra: it doesn't really exist, but people keep looking for it. 
  • If you don't know the value of an email address to your organization, you cannot effectively communicate your program's impact. 
  • Your CMO doesn't care that you have a 98% delivery rate, (s)he wants to know what it means to the business. 
  • Setting proper and honest expectations at the point of subscription builds better email relationships. 
  • The "one message for all" approach is not relevant for "all." Really, seriously, it isn't. 
Read the remaining 20 tips here.

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