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Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Best Practices

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Show value to solve relevance challenges
"All e-mail experts tell e-mail marketers to make their programs more relevant to increase deliverability and ROI and decrease spam complaints, unsubscribes, and inactivity. Nobody can argue with that. The problem comes when you try to figure out what "relevance" really means."

Shopping cart abandonment emails: issues and resources
"Lost" sales through abandoned shopping carts or order forms can be recovered by sending the customer one or more emails reminding them to complete the transaction. The devil is in the detail of course."

Optimizing Your Double Opt-In E-mail
Jeanne Jennings dissects Essential Apparel's double opt-in process and explains how they should optimize it to reduce the number of unconfirmed opt-ins.

Getting ready for Outlook 2010
Bottom line: "Do what you've always done: Keep your email simple, use tables for layout, inline your CSS and follow the other email design guidelines we've been pushing since Outlook 2007 was released. Unfortunately, they're going to come in handy for a lot longer than we wished."

The B2B Marketers Guide To A Brilliant Video Strategy
If you’ve been contemplating adding video to your content arsenal, here are a few simple items that you should consider before pitching The Next Big Thing to your boss.

The Follow-Through: How to Send Stunning Order Confirmation Messages
When gorgeously executed, order and shipping confirmation messages can seal the deal with your customers, making them even more pleased with their recent purchases and perhaps even securing their lifelong loyalty. Take advantage of this great post-purchase opportunity to strengthen their relationship with your brand and encourage repeat shopping by following the tried-and-true techniques in this article.

How to make sure your leads ignore your nurturing e-mails

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