Email Preferred Over Social Networks for Online Communications with Friends and Family
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Wake up and send more email
Chad Horenfeldt make the point that there are opportunities to send more relevant and timely email communications to certain segments of your database and takes a closer look at sources of fear when it comes to pulling the email trigger.

Mailbox Providers Suggest Collaboration with Senders
Stephanie Miller reports from the Email Insider Summit: "I was delighted to hear both Yahoo! and Hotmail strike a very cooperative and collaborative tone for working with marketers and other senders today, as the two major global mailbox providers discussed plans to expand their inbox products and spam filtering."

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
In this post David Hughes covers why Life Time Value is important and how to optimally leverage value based segmentation & Lifetime Value.  He also shares a sample analysis and a spreadsheet with a sample model that you can use to jump start your own LTV journey!

How to use email marketing to boost your sales
This post describes an effective process on how to convert email subscribers into buyers.

4 Things an Ethical Internet Marketer Can Learn from Spammers
Daniel Scocco started ooking more closely at spammer's tactics, and found some valuable lessons any marketer should know.

12 Social Media Secrets From World’s Top Superstars
"here are hot social media tips direct from 12 of the top industry masters. You’re going to want to model their priceless advice"

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