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Main takeaways from the European Email Marketing Conference 2010

I attended (and spoke) at the European Email Marketing Conference in London today and yesterday. I am back at my hotel in Amsterdam now and spent some time digging for the best takeaways from the conference:

  • StephanieSAM: Once you can find the people who have a propensity to buy, you can target content to them that is relevant.
  • StephanieSAM: Orbitz does a subject line test with every broadcast mailing. Computes results in real time, rolls out the winnner.
  • wvanderscheer: Good advice of Ted Wham: in order to optimize your e-mailmarketing: hire geeks or work with a great ESP.
  • StephanieSAM: Sometimes the hardest part of being an #emailmarketer is getting data out of your own company.
  • iamgfc "listen before even thinking about speaking through email"
  • iamgfc "don't get forced down the path to best practice. Best practice is different for all brands" 
  • iamgfc "email has to be part of the customer customer journey. Moments of truth are opportunities to have meaningful conversations"
  • iamgfc "there are so many opportunities to collect email addresses - till rolls, SMS, pos, social, competitions, dm and more"
  • iamgfc "you have four seconds to capture attention with an email"
  • iamgfc: @gwdbis3 I agree, I actually said I was being generous at 4 seconds
  • iamgfc "you can learn from 'digital body language' just by watching what people do"
  • iamgfc: Dutch travel company reduced email unsubscribes by 35% just by offering the ability to unplug from emails for a 'limited period'
  • miapapanicolaou: Don't forget - data gets old. I'm not the same person I was 2 years ago. Consider that when segmenting data for email campaigns
  • EJvdBurg: Silverpop: social sharing increases the reach of an emailcampaign by 24%
  • StephanieSAM: Knowing your customers starts with the boring stuff (aka: data gathering)
  • EJvdBurg: Fedma: 56% of companies perform their complete email marketing activity in house
  • iamgfc: 66 percent of european marketers expect to increase email spend #FEDMA
  • EJvdBurg: Fedma: 72% of companies expect volumes to increase next 12 months
  • iamgfc: Over 80 percent of european marketers see email as strategically important #fedma
  • EJvdBurg: Fedma: 33-50% of companies do not measure conversion to sale of their email campaigns! 
  • StephanieSAM: FEDMA study: Less than 10%+ of EMEA marketers have a completely data driven #emailmarketing program. Big opportunity!
  • wvanderscheer: Talking about opportunities:76,2% of emailmarketeers don't use win-back campaigns as part of their communication!
  • wvanderscheer: The new submit button is a segmentation button, e.g. fill in e-mail address and click on your gender to submit

Read all the tweets from the conference here.

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