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3 Email Marketing Trends to Spotlight for 2011

Ask Your Recipients About Your Frequency and Relevancy

It’s a mindset that I don’t see that used often in today’s email marketing world. Even in a marketing society that is being restructured based on the teachings of social media, there is still that one way mentality when it comes to sending out traditional emails:

Step 1:  Collect email address.

Step 2:  Add those addresses to your already moving email marketing train.

Step 3:  Do it again.

Imagine if you had everyone on your email list in a room. If you scanned the crowd, you’d see people that aren’t the same. If you talked to them about their backgrounds, they wouldn’t be all the same. If you said, “You’re all the same,” they would yell “No!”

Then why would you assume they’d all want to hear about the exact same information from you in the exact same manner?

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