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India's first Email Marketing Trends Report

India's first Email Marketing Trends Report shows that Indian average open-rate is around 14-15% and  the average click-to-open rate is  10%.

The major reason for these low averages is the quality of email campaigns being conducted, according to the folks over at Juvlon, an Indian ESP. Apparently many senders in India are still using the medium for distributing what they call "posters" without intending to gauge response.

Apparently, India does not have an opt-in legislation so, this being the case, I'd say that these numbers are pretty much in line with what I'd expect them to be. The only way they can improve these averages is by focusing more on engaging readers, sending them valuable content and offers and move away from batch and blast type of campaigns.

It's a pity they only focussed on click-to-open rate in the report - I would have expected to also see the average click-through rate in this report.

You can download the Indian Email Marketing Trends Report here.

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