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Today's 411: All the news worth reading for Email Marketers for May 26th, 2011

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of the 411 brought to you by Only Influencers.

Scott Cohen: An Email Snob Interview with Chester Bullock

  • Scott interviews Influencer Chester Bullock who gives Only Influencers a nice plug. Thanks Chester.
  • Topic: Meet the Influencers
  • Rating: Anything that mentions OI gets a Must Read

Laurie Sullivan: Google Readies Gmail Undo Send Feature

  • Ever hit send and wish you could take it back? Soon you will with Gmail's undo feature.
  • Topic: New Technology
  • Rating: No Rating

Jim Ducharme: QR Codes: Quite Righteuous

  • Here is a tutorial on QR codes for mobile email brought to you by GetResponse. Great tips if you are looking to incorporate QR into your next email campaign.
  • Topic: Mobile Email
  • Rating: Must Read

Eloqua: Next 36 Hours a Waiting Game for EU Privacy Directive

  • May 25th was the day that the EU's privacy directive went into effect. If you are marketing in Europe, you need to be up to speed on this.
  • Topic: EU Regulations
  • Rating: Must Read

Email Suddenly Gets More Relevant as a Wireless Payment Heats Up

  • Major banks are teaming up so you can send cash to people via an email address. Supposedly, according to this article, it makes email relevant again. Wonder if Paypal has heard of this?
  • Topic: Is Email Hot?
  • Rating: No Rating

Morgan Stewart: Email at the 'Grown-Ups' Table

  • Stewart says to replace the "high ROI" for email argument and instead talk about value of the channel. Focusing on lifetime value, sharing insights about customer motivations, and maintaining respect for other channels is the way Email gets to keep its place at the grown up table.
  • Topic: Industry Education
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Rick Buck: Spring Cleaning: The Top 10 Deliverability Misconceptions

  • 10 good insights into some of the fallacies of email marketing.
  • Topic: Deliverability
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Ken Magill: FTC May be Backing Off Do Not Track

  • Linda Woolley, VP of operations at the DMA, thinks the FTC is backing off of the Do Not Track initiatives.
  • Topic: Privacy and Tracking
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Ken Magill: Notes from Atlanta: A Piano's ROI?

  • Ken reviews the presentations at Silverpop's client Summit. Highlights include Abandoned-Cart emails and Gary Vaynerchuck's always entertaining presentation.
  • Topic: Industry Eductation
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Reply All: Emails Third Rail?

  • A topic close to the hearts of all Only Influencer members: when to hit reply all. The author suggests resisting the temptation to "burn" someone publicly. Good advice.
  • Topic: Email Lists
  • Rating: No Rating.

Liz Bross: Best Practices: Strategies for Growing an Email Program

  • A topic that comes up often: how to grow your list especially when it shrinks 30-35% each year because of email address changes and opt-outs. A very comprehensive article which is well worth reading covering all the bases on how and when to grab those email addresses.
  • Topic: List Building
  • Rating: Must Read

Richard Levey: Unifed Databases, Email Hygiene Pay Out For Eldorado Resorts

  • A case study showing how Eldorado Resorts was able to use FreshAddress to boost email coverage among its members.
  • Topic: Case Study
  • Rating: No Rating

Chad White: Say What?! Bad Advice from Email Experts

  • Chad wonders if the experts know what they are talking about as he reviews 4 pieces of advice from the Email Experts that he takes issue with.
  • Topic: Industry education
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Kara Triunovic: What? No Birthday Hoopla? Four Reasons Email Marketers Should Help Me Celebrate

  • Kara is not feeling the love from her favorite brands on her Birthday and wonders why brands are missing the boat.
  • Topic: Birthday Emails
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Matthew Hayes: Retention Lifecycle Programs: Options and Considerations

  • Don't overlook post-purchase communication with your customers!
  • Topic: Post Purchase campaigns
  • Rating: Worthwhile

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