Stuff you should read (weekly)
Stuff you should read (weekly)

Today's 411: All the news worth reading for Email Marketers for May 31st, 2011

Here is Today's 411 brought to you by Only Influencers

Karen Talavera: The Number One Way to Connect Email and Social Media Marketing

  • Karen's latest blog post on Only Influencers
  • Topic: Social Media
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Steve Webster: Why Email Recapture Campaigns are Worth the Effort

  • Recapture Campaigns are Driving Customer Conversations at more than twice rate of normal campaigns. What works in recapture campaigns? Deep discounts and freebies are what seems to work.
  • Topic: Recapture Campaigns
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Debunking the "best Practices" interview with AlchemyWorx's Claire Rollingon

  • One expects the unexpected from AlchemyWorx and this article on debunking best practices is no exception.
  • Topic: Best Practices
  • Rating: Must Read

The Embarrassing Mistake Many Copywriters are Making Right Now

  • According to the author, asking for more information, not less, can help provide better leads for B2B. 
  • Topic: List Building
  • Rating: Worthwhile

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