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Today's 411: All the news worth reading for Email Marketers for May 26th, 2011

Today's 411: All the news worth reading on Email Marketing from Only Influencers

Starting today, Tamara's Be Relevant! blog will carry the Only Influencers 411. Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Bill McCloskey, founder of Only Influencers, will parse all the articles relevant to Email Marketers, summarizing each article and attaching a "rating" to help busy marketers determine which articles they absolutely must read and which ones they can safely skip.

About the Rating System:

  • Must Read with a Bullet: critical issues facing the Email Marketing industry that every marketer should read.
  • Must Read: highly important articles that should be read.
  • Worthwhile: While not critical, contains very good information that will help marketers do their job better.
  • No Rating: articles that are for less experienced marketers or are product reviews.

There will be other ratings as well.

Here are today's articles: 

Chris Donald: Murder He Wrote: The Invisible Email Marketing Message

  • Has your email program become invisible? Are your subscribers blind to your offer. Chris offers some tips to get your email program top of mind again. 
  • Topic: Email Overhaul
  • Rating: Worthwhile

17 Ways to Make Your Email Stand Out eBook

  • Free eBook from Blue Sky Factory.
  • Topic: Industry Education
  • Rating: Yeah, it's lead gen, but at least it's free.

Chris Donald: Your Email Marketing List: Consider the Source

  • Your email metrics will differ depending on the source of the email subscription. Website subscribers, White Paper download leads, Co-Reg subscriber all have different metrics that you need to keep in mind when segmenting your list.
  • Topic: Segmentation
  • Rating: Must Read

Mark Walsh: Yahoo Mail Poised For Full Rollout, Faster Time, Better Ad Targeting

  • Yahoo Mail to roll out to 284 Million users. Will use keywords in message to better target emails 
  • Topic: Mail Browers
  • Rating: No Rating

David Daniels: The State of Deliverability - New Innovations to Remedy Old Problems

  • David sits down to talk with Influencer Dave Lewis about Message Systems' new Adaptive Delivery technology.
  • Topic: Deliverability
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Jordie van Rijn: Email and an Interactive PDF

  • Jordie educates the industry about a new technology: Interactive PDF's that can be used for billing purposes but have further uses according to Jordie.
  • Topic: What's New?
  • Rating: No Rating

Email Exclusive Campaign Blows Crocs's Sales Projections

  • Croc integrates email campaign with Facebook page to launch new product.
  • Topic: Case Study
  • Rating: No Rating

Chris Donald: Question: Why do my Clients Unsubscribe from my Email Marketing?

  • The most important part of email marketing is your relationship with the client.
  • Topic: Engagement
  • Rating: Short but Sweet.

J-P De Clerck: How can we change the traffic-building mindset?

  • J-P calls for always improving all conversion techniques.
  • Topic: Converstion
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Are you an industry writer that wants to be covered by the 411? send articles to Bill McCloskey at [email protected]

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