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50 Simple But Highly Effective Email Marketing Tips

Today's 411: All the news worth reading for Email Marketers for June 14th, 2011

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18 Proven Ways to Reach B-to-B Customers with Email

  • Nice list of check points to consider when putting together a B2B campaign. Nothing new but organized in one place.
  • Topic: B2B Newsletters
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Socialized Email Marketing Goes Mainstream

  • How is Facebook and Twitter working for those in the financial industry? Find out in this article by Tal Nathan.
  • Topic: Social Media
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Integrating Social: More than Just Adding Content To Your Emails

  • Gretchen Schelman gives some tips about dealing with social including "making friends with the social team at your company."
  • Topic: Social Media
  • Rating: Worthwhile

The Job of a Lead Nurturing Email

  • Some very good tips on B2B email including dump HTML.
  • Topic: Email Design
  • Rating: Worthwhile

Why Email Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Mobile

  • George Bilbrey gives you the main points on why you can't ignore mobile including the fact that mobile readership and engagement goes way up on the weekends.
  • Topic: Mobile Email
  • Rating: Worthwhile

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