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Behavioural Email Benchmark Study - Key Findings

  • Generally the use of behavioural email is steadily increasing across all sectors (e-retail, insurance, gambling). 
  • Gambling companies seem to be implementing the majority of triggers, with an average 70% using behavioural email across the triggers monitored. Statistically e-retailers are next in line, with an average 46% of e-retailers using behavioural email. The insurance sector is now lagging behind with an average of just 34% implementing behavioural email. 
  • The number of behavioural email triggers implemented within the e-retail sector has increased across all emails monitored. 
  • The welcome email is the most commonly used email, implemented by 90% of gambling companies and 64% of e-retailers. However, 25% of e-retailers do not even offer pre-purchase registration, meaning a welcome email cannot be sent. 
  • Despite a slight increase in use since March 2011, abandoned basket email is still the least used behavioural email. This is unfortunate as based on conversion it can be viewed as the most successful email trigger used by retail clients. 
  • On average retailers receive the highest CTR from using behavioural email
  • Based on conversion the single most successful behavioural email trigger implemented by RedEye clients is the abandoned basket email, this is followed by the saved quote follow up email used by insurance companies.

Download the Behavioural Email Benchmark study here

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