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Plan to Engage: Kath Pay and Tamara Gielen Join Forces

I don't usually post announcements like these, but since this is something that involves me and it's kind of important and I'm really excited about this, I thought I should let my readers know.

Kath and I have been good friends for years now. We speak at the same conferences, we go to the same events and we share the same passion for email marketing. We often just call each other to talk about our jobs, our boyfriends and other important stuff :-)

A couple of weeks ago, Kath came to visit me here in Belgium and at one point we starting talking about how lonely it can be running our own business, because you don't have anyone you can brainstorm ideas with, talk to when you aren't sure how to tackle a certain problem or project etc.

In the past we'd talked about joining forces but we never really pursued it. Until today.

Today is the day that Kath and I officially join forces. This means that going forward, Kath and I will be offering our services under the same brand name: Plan to Engage. Check out the website at

Read the official press release here

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