Recommended Reading (weekly)
Recommended Reading (weekly)

10 Facebook Tips For Brands by @randizuckerberg

I am attending the iStrategy conference in Amsterdam today and wanted to share these 10 Facebook tips that Randi Zuckerberg (@RandiZuckerberg) talked about in her keynote today:

  1. Give people a reason to "like" - the days of the "easy like" are over
  2. Delight customers by featuring them (fan of the day/week/month)
  3. Give businesses a human face (how is it like to be an employee) 
  4. Detailed insights help you tailor your message - track keywords related conversations
  5. Stay timely and relevant and funny too! (Twice as engaging if timed right)
  6. Crowd-sourcing (Target=where to donate, VitaminWater=name botten and design)
  7. New e-commerce options (purchase online, shops, gifting)
  8. Using social media as a customer service channel - "Twitter is especially useful"
  9. Real-time interaction (Burberry posted a pic of the model just before she went on the runway)
  10. A beautiful mobile experience (focus on the one aspect they do on the go)

Also check out this blog post that has pictures of the slides.

And, while you're at it, also read the blog post on the iStrategy blog.

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