Recommended Reading (weekly)
Recommended Reading (weekly)

Must-Watch: Adobe Keynote at SES Chicago (video)

Take some time to listen to this inspiring keynote presentation by Adobe's Senior Director of Marketing, Mikel Chertudi at SES Chicago this week. You won't regret it!

What is it about?

Are you or someone you know, guilty of knowingly or negligently wasting marketing dollars? Odds are you have been and probably still are guilty and don't even recognize it despite best intentions. In this keynote, Mikel Chertudi uncovers the reasons for our guilt and wishful thinking when it comes to where and how we spend marketing dollars - he also points out that when it comes to marketing investment, "Hope is not a Strategy."

As future heads of marketing, he helps us understand how to ask the right questions to avoid the pitfalls associated with "mis investing" our resources across channels and tactics. He discusses how we can rise to the top by taking control of the marketing mix, creating proper attribution models, and viewing marketing as an investment portfolio where we optimize greater and greater returns as opposed to viewing it as the old marketing cost center of the past.


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