Email Marketers: How The World Sees Us vs How We See Ourselves
Recommended Reading (weekly)

Recommended Reading (weekly)

  • hundreds of marketers who grew up in the direct mail industry are using RFM for email marketing. They look very professional with their RFM coding and response charts. What they cannot do, however, is show how RFM is making money over other ways of segmenting their house file. A better option than RFM is customer segmentation by the type of product they bought last or when they made their last purchase. Sending emails that contain dynamic personal content will get your emails opened. Using the customer’s previous history in your email will get that person to click on your links. If you know, for example, that some of your customers are college students, others are women with small children, and a third group are empty nesters over 55, and can create different content for each group, you may increase sales far more than any mailing based on RFM codes.

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