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[Webinar] The Role of Email in the new B2B Marketing Mix

10 Email Marketing Questions You'll Get Answers to on November 15th

  1. How to measure the impact on email frequency on engagement and revenue? How many is too many? 
  2. How does Philips systematically increase its email conversion by a minimum factor of 2?
  3.  What's email's role in driving sales in other channels? 
  4. How is Thomas Cook using customer data to enhance the customer experience? 
  5. What does it take to build email templates that render well on mobile devices? 
  6. How do you go beyond campaigns and use event-triggered, contextual emails effectively? 
  7. How do you use advanced segmentation to super charge your results? 
  8. How do you map your email strategy across your buying stages? 
  9. How do you integrate email and social media marketing? 
  10. How do you optimise email conversions for eCommerce & Retail? 

These and many more will be answered by our speakers at the International Email Marketing Summit on November 15, so be there!

Can't attend the live event? Go ahead and register anyway, we are making the webinar available on-demand to everyone that registered for the event.

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