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The Best Email Marketing Book I've Read in a Loooong Time

How could I have missed this book when it came out? I just got my hands on a copy of Hillstrom's Email Marketing Excellence and at 72 pages, it's the greatest little email marketing book out there.


You should read it. Now!

As Kevin says himself on his blog: 

What you won't get (there's hundreds of books and millions of blog articles that tell you how to do this stuff):

  • You won't hear anything about opens/clicks/conversions. These metrics do not illustrate the profitability of email marketing, on an annual basis. 
  • You won't get tips for maximizing subject line performance. 
  • You won't learn anything about creative strategies. 
  • You won't learn about traditional best practices. 

You're going to see a different side of email marketing, one where executives fully understand the profit contribution of email marketing, one where you learn interesting facts about how to weight historical transactions for trigger-based programs and multi-version campaigns.

You'll learn how to execute five year sales forecasts, and you'll learn communication techniques that prove email marketing isn't dead.

Thank to Patrick Glenisson for pointing this book out to me a couple of months ago.

Here's that link again.

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