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Recommended Reading 11/05/2013

How do you leverage personas in email marketing to increase ROI?

Having a specific person in mind that represents a segment of our target audience, makes it easier for us to find the right tone, copy and even offer for an email campaign we're working on.

Do you want to learn how this works and how you can create your own personas? It's not that hard actually!

On November 6th, Hubspot's Kieran Flanagan and our very own Kath Pay will be presenting a webinar in which they'll explain the process. 

You'll learn:

  • how to create a customer persona 
  • how to map content to the persona across the different stages 
  • how to leverage persona's in email marketing to increase ROI 
  • how to use context to personalise the experience beyond the email 
  • how to create content that generates new leads 
This will be a very practical webinar with lots of examples, so make sure to sign up!


Looking forward to seeing you then! 

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