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3x3 Tips for a Perfect Christmas Email Campaign


An email marketing campaign for the Christmas period is on every marketer’s to-do list, I’m sure. However, there are always numerous questions that arise in one’s mind. What should I send and when? Should I offer something and how do I best engage? Let me guide you with 3x3 tips for your perfect Christmas email marketing campaign!

When is the right timing?

#1 Go for right here and now

When is the right time to prepare a Christmas email marketing campaign? Right now! The “Last minute” strategy is good for traveling, but for your email marketing carry out your best holiday strategy at the beginning of December!

#2 Be aware of people’s habits

According to Christmas shopping habits, people can be divided into several groups:

  • shopaholics or those who shop throughout the year
  • a minority who start Christmas shopping early in October and November
  • the majority who start thinking about Christmas gifts in December and hope to benefit from discounts
  • last-minute buyers who only remember to buy gifts shortly before Christmas and grab what they see

Now is the best time for the last two groups, especially if you are planning a Christmas sales campaign and aim for the year’s biggest engagement!

#3 Set the goal of the campaign

But before planning any campaign, know exactly what you want it to do for your business. This will also help you decide about the best timing.

  • If it’s some kind of offer, send it at least a week before the Christmas holidays, so recipients have enough time to take action.
  • If it’s Christmas greetings, send an e-card a few days before Christmas. Although lots of marketers schedule the campaign for the very day of Christmas, you risk being ignored as during the holidays people usually try to get away from work, including their emails.

What is the right strategy?

#4 Tease with a series of emails

Instead of the usual one single Christmas email, create a series of emails for more coherent communication. Now at the beginning of December, tease your subscribers about your upcoming surprise...

#5 Include non-selling emails

A week before the holidays, send the main campaign including the surprise offer, so people have a chance to use it up to Christmas. But why not also send your beloved subscribers a non-selling e-card shortly before Christmas Day?

#6 Continue that Christmas feeling

Instead of ending your Christmas marketing activities on December 25, continue engagement with lifecycle email marketing campaigns. A week after the holidays, remind those who haven’t used your offer of it, and ask for feedback from those who have.

Where is the magic?

#7 Get much more than sales

Christmas email campaigns can give you much more than just additional income.

  • Build the branding of your company with a compelling email template design
  • Strengthen your customer loyalty by showing you remember and care about them
  • Remind your inactive recipients about your company, products and services

#8 Know what to offer

What exactly you should offer subscribers for Christmas depends of course on your business. But in general:

  • offer the upgrade of your services for the next year to your B2B customers
  • choose the best gift ideas among your products or services for your B2C customers

#9 Fulfill your dream of Santa

What is Christmas without presents?! Although Christmas is considered the most profitable time of the year for many businesses, it’s also the time of giving... Have you ever wanted to be a real Santa Claus? Whatever it is – a sales campaign or a simple e-card – give your customers something for free.

  • Everybody will always be happy about a discount, a coupon code or a gift card, but this time make it more eye-catching, for example, a countdown discount within a Christmas calendar
  • Prepare an online guide, a book or another resource with useful data for your recipients according to their interests and needs
  • Share exclusive information with them, so they can also share it on their social media profiles with their friends
  • Bring them laughs with an interactive email design that includes funny GIFs or videos
  • Surprise them with a personalized email showing your individual care and interest in them

Email marketing is a great tool to reach your audience during the holidays. With awesome email designs, personalized email content and compelling offers, you will definitely catch the attention of your customers. While at the same time don’t forget about the sense of sincerity and generosity that may happen only at Christmas... Use these tips to do both: increase the engagement with your subscribers and remind them of how important they are to you. May the magic of Christmas fill your marketing!

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