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A cool tool to help you design for the new Gmail Grid View

So - Gmail has in beta mode a new feature in the Gmail Promotions tab, which picks out images from your emails and presents them in a visual tile layout. This is the next step from having recently made images visible by default (and now we can begin to see why they did so).


If you haven't yet received this feature - you can apply for it here and be part of the trial.

The good news is that our friend Justin Khoo over at Freshinbox has created a cool new tool to be able to test what your emails may look like to ensure you're now leveraging this fresh and potentially valuable way of presenting your email. So - if you're wanting to tweak your emails so they benefit from this - then shoot over there now!


A comprehensive coverage of all blogs and related information about this new feature was very kindly putting together by our good friend Jordie van Rijn over at emailMonday - so check we recommend that you check this out.


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