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Looking for a Job in Email Marketing?

If you are looking for a job in Email Marketing you may want to check out the Email Marketer's Club Job Board. We currently have links to almost a hundred job openings.

Jobs that are currently featured:

I would also like to draw your attention to this job opening in London:

Happy job hunting!

Are you looking for the right candidate to fill an email marketing position?

Then take advantage of this Autumn promotion:

Normally a job posting on the Email Marketer's Club job board costs 99$ for 30 days. But if you post a job before end of day PST on November 15, 2011 you get a 50% discount if you use discount code BLOG2011

Starting today I will also feature new jobs that are posted on the job board in a blog post on this blog. So you get even more visibility for half the price!!

Post a job on the Email Marketer's Club Job Board now!


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