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12 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

1. Blatant Lack of Permission
Companies still try to get around the permission issues in search for the quick buck. That’s a big mistake.  

2. Utterly Deficient Segmentation 
Content relevancy is the number one issue for the email marketer. Without segmentation, you have no real relevancy.

3. Lame ‘Welcome’ Messages
We still receive far too many lame welcome messages. What a wasted marketing opportunity.

4. Frequency Decisions Made for the Wrong Reason 
Marketers are in a constant battle on the matter of frequency.

5. Institution-to-One Messaging 
The debate on how to personalize company emails is ongoing. It’s all about testing.

6. No Real Interactivity 
Interactivity is not only for social media. Email was once the relationship building medium, and it still can be.

7. Deliverability: Content, Formatting & Lack of Self-Advocacy 
If anything, deliverability is even a bigger issue than it was two years ago.

8. Designing Images That Appear as Red Xs 
Getting HTML images to appear for those who have images turned off still requires that they turn the images on. It’s the text vs. HTML debate.

9. Disregarding Your BlackBerry and Mobile Readers 
The number of mobile readers has exploded since 2008. Thank you Iphone and Android. It’s more important than ever to make your email mobile reader friendly.

10. Repeating Ad Types 
Banner blindness in email newsletters is more prevalent than ever. 

11. Collecting Bad Response Rates
You need good analysis to determine the effectiveness of your email. That’s always been the case. 

12. Relying on Email Only 
This last mistake of relying on email only was written during the dawn of the social media revolution. It’s the only one that feels a bit dated, but it’s still worth noting that relying on just one tactic alone is never a good plan. 

Source: MarketingSherpa report "Dirty Dozen: Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes"


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Preparing Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy?

No? Well it's about time you started thinking about it then! :-)

In the meantime, check out these resources:

1. Mark Brownlow collects useful holiday email marketing articles/reports from around the web in a resource list. Here's last year's.  I'm sure he's already working on the 2011 article, so make sure to subscribe to his RSS feed or mailing list to find out when he publishes it.

2. Silverpop has a nice holiday email marketing strategy checklist that I'd like to share with you here:

3. Check out this Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season by Responsys:

4. Good luck with your holiday email marketing strategy! And if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact your favorite email marketing consultant! :-)

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How email can help SEO: 10 email marketing tips for SEOs

On Tuesday, I gave a presentation about email marketing to an audience of SEO professionals at the Pro SEO seminar in London. They asked me to share 10 tips on how email can help SEO. It was an interesting way to look at email marketing and I have learned a lot from it - so I thought I'd share it here with you. I hope to find some time to record audio over these slides in the next couple of days. 

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Stuff you should read

Do you track your opt-in data?
"Surprisingly, I'm finding that many marketing managers aren't tracking this. This is sad, because sometimes this data is the last line of defense against you getting sanctioned over allegations of sending spam. When an ISP, ESP, or recipient asks for proof that a recipient opted-in to your email, they're asking for those exact details."

Four odd email ideas that (maybe) make sense
Mark Brownlow shares four email marketing concepts that seem wrong but might be right.

Three more odd email ideas that (maybe) make sense
And the list continues: poor open rates are a good thing, good responses don't indicate success, and delivering value is a bad idea.

You Need to Have a Privacy Policy 
When I reach out to ISP’s to resolve delivery issues, one of the items they almost always require is that email marketers have a clear and detailed privacy policy.

Let Your Subscribers Tell if the Email is Relevant 
Don't know if your subscribers find your emails relevant? Just ask them!

Link Tracking - Profiles Drive Greater E-mail Relevance
Stefan Pollard "The following two tactics will help you collect data at different points in the customer or subscriber relationship. There are more, of course, but these two work for me time and time again."

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5 common reasons why readers aren’t turning into buyers

1. They don’t want what you’ve got.

If this is your problem, you have essentially two choices. 

  1. offer something that more people want
  2. think about how you can build a bridge between something they want and something you offer. 

2. They’re confused

You may have too many different options for them to choose from. If they have to make a choice that’s more complex than “Silver, Gold, Platinum,” you run the very real risk of losing them.

3. Your message is not clear. 

Your sales copy should contain at least these three things:
  • This is what I’ve got. 
  • This is what it will do for you. 
  • This is what you should do next. 

4. You didn’t ask

If you explicitly ask your reader to click the link, dial the number, or whatever other means you use to get that sale, she’s much more likely to do it.

5. They don’t believe you

Build up that trust by creating great business relationships with killer content.

This is just a (short) summary of a (long) article on Copyblogger. Go read the entire story here.

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25 easy-to-digest email tips

Kara Trivunovic posted a list of 25 Things Email Marketers Don't Seem to Know -- But Should

These are my favorites:

  • Best time of day to send email is like the chupacabra: it doesn't really exist, but people keep looking for it. 
  • If you don't know the value of an email address to your organization, you cannot effectively communicate your program's impact. 
  • Your CMO doesn't care that you have a 98% delivery rate, (s)he wants to know what it means to the business. 
  • Setting proper and honest expectations at the point of subscription builds better email relationships. 
  • The "one message for all" approach is not relevant for "all." Really, seriously, it isn't. 
Read the remaining 20 tips here.

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Change your calls to action & see your click-through rates soar

If you find brand & consistency obstacles in your path when testing calls to action, remember that your job is to try and interrupt someone that is reading through their inbox. Your job is more difficult than that of the website because of this, so try to positively challenge any resistance, ask for a small-scale test segment that will still give you a significant result and let the results speak for themselves.
Read the full post here: Change your calls to action & see your click-through rates soar.
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Integrating Twitter to Your Email Strategy

Here are a few ways to integrate Twitter in your email strategy: 
  • automatically post your email as a tweet to your company’s Twitter account. 
  • include buttons in your email message which easily allows your subscribers to share your message. 
  • Start a #hashtag 
  • Post content on your company Twitter account: consider posting links, re-tweeting useful content and speaking with your followers. 
  • Put a link to your Twitter account on the footer of your email messages; could be a button or simple link.
Read the full article here: Email Design Tip of the Week: Integrating Twitter to Your Email Strategy.
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Optimize Your Email Sign-Up Part 1: Stand Out & Entice

Beyond being visible and easily located, it’s also really important that you sell the sign-up! Simple requests like “sign up for email” or “sign-up for our newsletter” don’t really tell me much about what I’m getting, why I should care and how often I’ll be receiving mail. 
For best results, explain the benefits of signing up and set expectations: 
  • mention frequency explain what will be sent 
  • link to an example newsletter or email 
  • if possible consider offering an incentive (coupon/contest entrance) with sign-up
Read the full article: Optimize Your Email Sign-Up Part 1: Stand Out & Entice.
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