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Two European Email Marketing Conferences

A while back you could read on this blog that MarketingSherpa is organizing their first Email Marketing Summit on May 12-13 in Munich, Germany.

Last week at the Email Evolution Conference, the DMA/EEC and BBP announced that they are organizing a European Email Marketing Conference in Barcelona, Spain on June 3-5.

This means that there will be 2 major email marketing conferences in Europe this year. w00t! w00t! (that's Geek for Yippie!) :-)

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Email Evolution Conference Discount Code

As you know, I'll be speaking at the Email Evolution Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona next month and I have a special treat for you!

Sign up now for the event and use priority code JAN09 and pay only 999$ for a full conference pass (that's a 700$ reduction!). 

Some EEC highlights - besides the panel that I will be on of course ;-) - include a keynote presentation by Stan Rapp, Chairman, Engauge; Innovative Pre-Conference workshops, and a program packed with speakers from top companies such as Marriott, ExactTarget, Zinio, Dell, The New York Times, Epsilon, The Knot, Inc., Silverpop, Air Tran and many more. Check out the entire program at www.emailevolution.org.

If you're planning to attend, let me know! I'd love to meet up!

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Upcoming Email Marketing Conferences

There's two great email marketing conferences coming up in the next couple of months that you don't want to miss:

DMA Email Evolution Conference
Feb 9-11, Scottsdale, AZ
Use discount code MKTVIP to receive $150 off the current rate.

MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Summit
March 15-17, Miami, FL
Early Bird Savings $200 – offer ends January 16.

I'll be speaking at the Email Evolution Conference in Scottsdale on a panel. Kath Pay, Skip Fidura, Dela Quist and I will be discussing the do's and don'ts of emailing into Europe. There's also a good chance that I'll be attending MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Summit so let me know if you plan to attend either one of these conferences!

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Call for Speakers: Email Marketing Summit in Germany, May 2009

It seems MarketingSherpa is planning an email summit in Europe in 2009. I just received the below email from them:

Over 100 European marketers will gather in Munich, Germany, May 12-13 for MarketingSherpa's inaugural Email Marketing Summit. Here's your chance to be one of the speakers.

Click here for the speaking proposal form:

We're especially looking for marketers who market in Europe or to the European market who can share their own experiences, campaign war stories and lessons learned. Submit a speaking proposal that will cover one of the following subjects:

  • Legal and compliance issues with emails in the EU
  • Consumer and privacy concerns in email marketing in the EU
  • Email data management
  • Setting up a database for success in email marketing
  • Strategies for long-term care and nurturing of email database
  • Email address recovery
  • Effective email content
  • Social media, Web 2.0 and email
  • Ways to drive your email message
  • Metrics
  • Connection of email to landing pages

Nominate yourself, a boss or a client. Again, here's the link to the speaking proposal form:
(Deadline: January 31, 2009)

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Takeaways From The Email Insider Summit

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the Email Insider Summit this week, but those that did, used Twitter to keep us up to date on what was going on on stage and posted recaps on their blogs.

Here are my main takeaways from reading all the great stuff they wrote:

Anna Billstrom wrote:

  • Great comment by Jay of MySpace regarding email: “I laugh at people who think email is killing social media, social media needs email now more than ever.
  • video will be available in emails in the next month or so, and for Yahoo and AOL only. The perk on this is that JavaScript will also be available in email, of course only if you’re using GoodMail services.
  • Each session talked about how money is flowing from direct marketing and advertising/pr/media into email. What is the result? “It will be horrible,” says Bloxham. You’ll get more people contending for real estate on your newsletter, more demands to increase frequency, and more people just wanting to be a chef in the kitchen.
  • If it’s old, irrelevant, or uninteresting, users call it spam.
  • Make sure to read Anna's extensive recap of the keynote session about the Barack Obama campaign.

DJ Waldow wrote:

  • If you are responsible for email at your company and your job ends at the click-through, your company is in trouble.
  • Beware of the “Hippo” (HIghest Paid Opinion, aka the boss). Best response is, “Great. We’ll test that.”
  • The “Critical List”: Know the value of an email address. Measure everything. Test everything. Segmentation is the key.
  • Most email metrics mean something to us (as email marketers), but not to senior management. If you can’t put it in a context that means something to your management, your efforts will be marginalized.

Stephanie Miller wrote:

  • Stephen Geer of Obama for America reminded us all that we have to balance risk and reward when we make deliverability (and revenue opportunity) decisions every day. No question the Obama team reinvented campaigning in the US. Email was a critical component of both communicating the message as well as driving action. For Geer, frequency and complaints went hand in hand. Frequency seemed to win. His answer, "We knew that we could survive a certain amount of churn (fatigue combined with deliverability failures) because of our list growth."

  • a panel of moms reminded us that time is the greatest currency for subscribers, and especially this audience. "The computer is a time sucker," one mother said. All the panelists reported that they use the delete button heavily. "First thing I do when I open my email is just delete a bunch of stuff." One mother said, "I enjoy requesting offers, but then I don't know what I'm asking for. When I get it every day or every other day. I just deleted them." Another panelist compared the barrage of messages to her children. "It's like my inbox is another kid, calling Mom, Mom, Mom. All this noise, it just blends in. I can't keep up, I don't even try."

  • We talked a lot about segmentation and data management throughout the marketer panel and the roundtables. Many marketers are still not segmenting their files, although everyone seems to acknowledge the value of doing this. Why not? Time, resources and expertise. One marketers said to me, " Hey this channel was supposed to be free, and now you are talking about data management and higher fees to profile subscribers!" My response: We are talking about higher revenue, loyalty and lifetime value, too!

Dylan Boyd wrote:

The Obama team uses the 3 M’s: Messaging, Mobilization and Money

Messaging: Strict Messaging Discipline - We followed everything that was said in the press, long term and short term messaging themes. Using email as the vehicle to drive home the points made that day, week or based on an event connected people more to the campaign than any other method.

"Early on we learned that email could not only be a useful tool but a powerful vehicle to drive action." 

Mobilization: By using forms, surveys and behavior we were able to find evangelists, friends and people that could help us get to more people faster via word of mouth than ever before. People heard the calls to action for fund raising, voting, and helping which in turn allowed us to organize geographically faster and in a more efficient manner.

Money: Online donations for a political campaign set records using email. Although we did not feel as if we were always asking for money, we did always include a donate button. This drove micro donations for the campaign which added up fast. Using our database system to track individual donors we were able to match up their top out levels so that people cold maximize their donations over a period of time in support of the campaign and the candidate.

Continue reading here.

Last but not least: this is what I took away from the 19 pages of tweets about the Email Insider Summit:

  • djwaldow: Single biggest day of fundraising in the history of politics was day after Gov Palin's acceptance speech according to Stephen Geer
  • samrpath: Stephen Geer of Obama campaign on email frequency: It's a trade off of unsubs & churn with fundraising. Easy math - fundraising wins.
  • mikeferguson: keynote from Obama campaign: segmentation and personal relevance were key to creating and empowering [brand] advocates
  • jkrohrs: Big part of Obama campaign's email success was that email team wrote emails, not speechwriters. Closer to subscribers. VERY smart.
  • mikeferguson: What taught me about "moms and email": put blackberries and iPhones on their holiday wishlists. They're time-strapped yet savvy
  • jaffejuice: panel with moms: frequency of e-mails is like kids going, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOM!!!, Mom, Mom!!!!!!"
  • LorenMcDonald: Moms are all very different, but what they do have in common is the need for usability, transparency, trust of referrals & convenience
  • mikeferguson: Use email as a leading indicator: test offers via email, before deploying via other traditional channels. Jim Sterne
  • gpalatine: Big take away from Social Media session - Companies must be willing to "lose control of their messaging" when using social media
  • banane: #eis couldn't agree more, Mike Foley from NYT: "You should be giving your readers as many ways as possible to read your content."
  • RetailEmailBlog: Attribution choices: 1. Spread evenly, 2. Last click is king, 3. First click is king, 4. Weighted by time, 5. Weighted by budget
  • LorenMcDonald: Jack Hogan says Lifescript pulls back on sending to subscribers who are "inactives" for a period as little as 30 days

And finally: here are the pictures! :-)

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Learnings From The UK DMA's Email Marketing Event

Yesterday I attended an email marketing event organized by the UK DMA's Email Marketing Council. Here are some of the learnings I took away:

  • Quote of the day: "Making simple things complicated is easy.  Making complicated things simple is hard."
  • Jeanniey Mullen said the 3 most important things that drive return are delivery, welcome messaging and the message (creative)
  • average # of spam messages received by web users each day: 70
  • focus on the basic things for the best results. Great creative is no good if it doesn't get delivered to the inbox
  • mix your campaigns up with valuable content so that it's not just offers.
  • subject line, brand and prior value are the 3 things which subscribers value your email on before opening it
  • 20% of legitimate mail which subscribers want will not be delivered to the inbox
  • 1 complaint in 1000 will get you blocked
  • YOU control your sender reputation- complaints, list quality, spam traps, sending infrastructure and permanenc are all your problem.
  • the only way to get rid of spam traps is to re-optin everyone
  • higher frequency makes your list churn faster - forever
  • sending a series of emails work,  as an precursor for signing up to a newsletter when they are still making decision
  • make sure replyto addresses are attended to. If you're building a relationship with them, they may reply
  • sign up to returnpath.net/rules and receive a 4 email series
  • test subject lines for yourself. And don't be afraid to test long subject lines
  • subject lines act as relevance filter. Too ambigous could mean that the wrong people open the email. SL needs to represent the offer
  • don't ask how can I be relevant ask how can I add value?
  • top 3 factors in determining whether to open is know and trust sender, subject line and previously opened and thought valuable
  • testing subject lines B2B sales cycle is longer so need to give at least 48hrs for SL tests to come in before deciding on the best SL
  • 'the mom test'-get your mum to tests and see if she finds all the relevant links and hotspots in your creative.
  • the most relevant authenticaton for B2B is senderid-it doesn't hurt having the others though!
  • James Bunting believes 90% success of campaign is due to data and the information collected. Doesn't believe this will change on the future

You can find more bits and pieces from the conference here. Thanks for all the tweets Kath!!

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DMA Event in London - not to be missed

The DMA UK are holding a not to be missed event on the implications of the latest internet
and email security measures for digital marketing, on October 29th in London.

The Keynote speaker, Craig Spiezle, Chair of AOTA and Director of Online Security and Safety, Microsoft Internet Explorer will be addressing two topics of importance for the digital marketer:

  • Internet security issues: – what are consumers most concerned about
  • Trustworthy browsing, privacy and behaviour targeting – can they co-exist and how can a user make an informed decision and relative the value exchange

Other topics include:

  • Changing rules of deliverability - presented by Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx
  • Authentication - the why's and how's - presented by Dennis Dayman of Eloqua.

To read more about the event click below:


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3 DMA UK events not to be missed

Implications of the Latest Internet and Email Security Measures for Digital Marketing
9am-1pm, 29 October 2008, London

Keynote speaker: Craig Spiezle, Director of Online Security and Safety, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Learn: what brands can do to win the hearts and minds of the consumers; which delivery tools and tactics are essential for deliverability; and how authentication assists delivery and the steps to achieve it. Ideal for everyone involved in email marketing, internet and email security, email deliverability and web advertising.



A Practical Guide to Email Marketing
9am-4.30pm, 4 November 2008, London

Keynote speakers: Jeanniey Mullen, CMO, Zinio and Founder, Email Experience Council and Dylan Boyd, VP of Sales and Strategy, eROI; plus three further international speakers: Tamara Gielen, OgilvyOne and Founder, Email Marketer’s Club; Stephanie Miller, Return Path; and Will Schnabel, Silverpop.

Learn: where you should be investing; how to integrate email with other channels; and what the key drivers are for higher ROI and revenue contribution.

Breakout sessions on the not-for-profit, B2B and B2C sectors give you the opportunity to focus on, and discuss, issues unique to your business. Ideal for those working with email marketing, including developing and implementing campaigns, growing the customer base and responsible for budget decisions.


Ready, Steady, Email!
8.30am – 1pm, 4 December 2008, London

Jointly run by the DMA and IAB.

At this half day interactive workshop delegates will consider and develop a brief, with the aid of facilitators from leading companies within the industry. Prizes will be given to those who develop the best work. 

Learn about: strategy, creativity, implementation, results, reporting. Ideal for all new staff, marketing managers and account executives planning to introduce email marketing to their marketing mix, or looking to develop a more coherent approach to their email marketing.


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New Webinar – Your Digital Company, Today and in 2013

Join Jeanniey Mullen from eec / Zinio, David Daniels from JupiterResearch, Des Cahill from Habeas, hundreds of your colleagues and Erick Mott live on July 15th for a complimentary Habeas Huddle™ webinar:

Your Digital Company, Today and in 2013
How to Leverage Email and Online Trust for Success

Live July 15, 2008; 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EST (on-demand July 16th)
Webinar: 60 minutes

You’ll learn:

New business and consumer trends from recent Economist Intelligence Unit and Ipsos studies, and the role of email, online trust and device driven impending changes in our Web 2.0 world

How customers are more empowered to help and hurt your business online and what this means to email and web operations, today and in the future

Best practices and tips from real case studies you can leverage immediately for your business or clients

Bonus:  Your registration will enable you to immediately download a new white paper just published by the Economist Intelligence Unit – packed full of data and insights; co-sponsors of the paper are AT&T, Concep Global, Habeas, Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAP and WebEx: 

“The Digital Company in 2013 – How technology will empower the customer”

Register now for this complimentary, 60 minute webinar. One lucky attendee on July 15th will be drawn to win a $300.00 gift certificate from Amazon, Circuit City, Starbucks or Zappos; winner’s choice! 

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Live From the Email Insider Summit

Greetings from Captiva Island. Yes, I will be live blogging again today and tomorrow. Feel free to comment and chime in!

 Live Blog: Email Insider Summit, Day 1(05/22/2008) 
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Tamara Gielen -  Goodmorning everyone! We are just getting started here

Tamara Gielen -  David Daniels is on stage now and talks about the state of the industry
Tamara Gielen -  He says we've seen enough of this slides, so we're doing a panel instead :-)
Tamara Gielen -  they are putting a couple of university students on stage - interesting... they will talk about their communication preferences and how they use email
Tamara Gielen -  Student 1 cannot live without her cell phone - spend a lot of time on email, on the internet - she spends a LOT of hours on the internet
Student 2 prefers the phone but used email for applying for jobs etc
Student 3 wakes up in the morning and checks email and Facebook first - uses the iPhone to check emails when he's really "itching for it"
Tamara Gielen -  they check their emails anytime they get to a computer, then facebook
Tamara Gielen -  Student 1 doesn't use Facebook very much to communicate with people - "you CAN'T poke your professor, it's just inappropriate" :-)
Tamara Gielen -  "Facebook is solely about communicating with friends and former classmates"
Tamara Gielen -  Student 2 is more hesitant towards emails. "when I get an email, it's usually because somebody wants something from me"
Tamara Gielen -  Communicating with friends happens more on social networks
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 only uses email mostly with older people :-D
Tamara Gielen -  Facebook is a social thing - he wouldn't contact bosses and professors through it but he does use it to talk with friends
Tamara Gielen -  Social networks/platforms are not seen s  professional platforms - so they do believe that as soon as they join the workforce they will start using email
Tamara Gielen -  they don't want to interface with heir professional contacts via social networks
Tamara Gielen -  they don't want their bosses to check their Facebook profiles and see "incriminating" information
Tamara Gielen -  how do they feel about marketing messages that they receive via email?
Tamara Gielen -  the more targeted and less intrusive it is, the more interesting it is
Tamara Gielen -  "marketing messages via email? That's why we have spam filters!"
Tamara Gielen -  opt-in is very important! If it's something they are interesting in, then it's OK but if it's just an ad, they get ticked off
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 describes his hobby: "I guess I like surfing the internet and go to tech blogs"
Tamara Gielen -  Right.
Tamara Gielen -  He's kidding right?
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 does not want people to target him in his mailbox, because that's "his personal space"
Tamara Gielen -  He makes the point that he "junks" things because he doesn't trust unsubscribing - he just thinks he will get more email because he confirms that his email address is active
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 says he has other hobbies as well :-)
Tamara Gielen -  Melinda Krueger makes a point that teenagers (in high school) don't use email AT ALL. Student 1 confirms this
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 says "I agree" :-D
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 forwards all his personal email to Gmail - he likes the spam filter better and he thinks it's just a better interface
Tamara Gielen -  Someone asks whether they use text messaging for communication. Student 3 says that he rather uses email on his iPhone because it's free
Tamara Gielen -  as opposed to texting for which he has to pay
Tamara Gielen -  they wouldn't like to receive unsolicited text messages - their cell phone is way too personal for that
Tamara Gielen -  wondering who my 2 current viewers are...
Tamara Gielen -  Student 3 loves the email he receives from Apple - they are sleek and fun to look at
Tamara Gielen -  Student 1 is looking for an apartment so right now she loves the emails she gets from Rent.com
Tamara Gielen -  Frequency - they want to know up front how often they would receive a company's emails
Tamara Gielen -  Habeas' Erick Mott is covering this summit via Twitter, check it out:
Tamara Gielen -  Q: What would it take for Facebook to replace email?
Tamara Gielen -  they don't think Facebook has the potential
Tamara Gielen -  to replace email for business communications
Tamara Gielen -  they even wonder is "adults" are on Facebook
[Comment From Maddy]
Tamara - I'm loving the play by play of the Summit!
Tamara Gielen -  Hi Maddy! Too bad you can't be here! I met two of your colleagues yesterday.
[Comment From Matt]
Hi Tamara - Thx for the live feed.
Tamara Gielen -  Hi guys, I love doing this for you and I'm glad to hear you like it :)
Tamara Gielen -  The students are gone now...
Tamara Gielen -  the next panel will talk about privacy, policy and the industry. Jenniey Mullen, Dennis Dayman, Alan Chapell and Tom Bartel are on the panel.
Tamara Gielen -  they are talking about the new FTC rules

Tamara Gielen -  Alan doesn't think there are any huge surprises here - we've been waiting for 3 years for this
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Early takeaway for me...nobody really understands privacy
Tamara Gielen -  I have to agree with DJ: we definitely need to dig into the privacy issue to get a better understanding of it - the panel is currently talking about a scenario that goes as follows:
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Hoping that this conversation moves away from LEGAL and more towards Best Practices. The law is the MINIMUM....
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
I agree with DJ. I don't think everyone gets that "privacy" is or entails. I think that there are so many paths you can take this discussion on that it is a deeper scenario exploration than just this panel.
Tamara Gielen -  this is what they are discussing about now:

"we are in the process of rolling out e-delivery for all of our products. However, the rule per our legal team is that you have to notify the owner for each product they own. So if I own 13 products, I would get 13 separate emails. I think this is a horrible user experience and am wondering if there are rules or best practices on this? I know you can't opt out of service messaging, but the messages would be so similar that I think it defeats the purpose to send them separately, especially when some mail programs will combine them to one anyway (Gmail). Obviously as we become more advanced we could do dynamic content so they would get only 1 message with a list of all their products. However, I'm just trying to figure out how to manage both the legal requirements today an not inundating them with multiple email messages in a delay or shorten time from. Can you help me or point me in the right direction?"
Tamara Gielen -  second topic: a company goes bankrupt. their website privacy policy says that they rent and sell their lists to select marketing partners. Does that policy allow them to  transfer their list as part of the bankruptcy proceeding?
Tamara Gielen -  Interesting topic. I guess the same applies to companies that merge...
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
This new scenario is more relevant to me. We have encountered it a few times when companies buy other businesses. So how do you own that new email relationship when people have NO CLUE what you are or why you are emailing them
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Answering Dylan....you build a campaign around it and marketing the heck out of it...create an experieence
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
*market, not marketing
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
It is a really tough situation of how to approach this. When you buy another business you do buy the customer base as well. That includes email addresses. Anyone have some good ways to approach this? We try to coach our customers to be VERY careful. Message on site, send an email from the company you are acquiring before you start a relationship, but then be ready for unsubs and negative emails. They will come even if you are respectful of their privacy and do it right. There is NO magic bullet here. PR and Marketing and a strong value proposition are going to be key.
Tamara Gielen -  good points guys- I think the new company cannot just start emailing to that list as if nothing happened - I guess the best approach here would be to send an introduction email in which you introduce yourself and tell them how you will be emailing them going forward and give them the opportunity to re opt-in
Tamara Gielen -  but yes, I agree that it would be a good idea for the company going bankrupt or being acquired to send that first email announcing what is going to happen
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
This new scenario is more relevant to me. We have encountered it a few times when companies buy other businesses. So how do you own that new email relationship when people have NO CLUE what you are or why you are emailing them
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
They gave a good example of when IBM sold the PC business to Lenovo they sent one email to the customer base. This email told them that they had sold the business and that they would never email them again, NOR would Lenovo. Unless they clicked on the link to pass permission to Lenovo that was it. This move lost 98% of the customer list for Lenovo. OUCH
Tamara Gielen -  sorry about that... I pushed the wrong button :)
Tamara Gielen -  shoot... I forget to bring my power adapter :( does anyone have a dell power adapter that I can borrow?
Tamara Gielen -  @dylan it hurts, but it does say something about the engagement of the audience base with the company's email practices, don't you think?
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
I do agree that it was a good approach. I actually clicked on that link years back from IBM and still get Lenovo emails. Have not bought one for a while but still get them.
Tamara Gielen -  next topic: "we're an online publisher offering premium content to our subscribers via our website and via email newsletters. We require our subscribers to log-in every time they want to visit our website, and to make changes to their account, unsubscribe etc. How will these new FTC rulings impact us?"
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
I personally have HATED people making me login to manage my email preferences. Not allowing me to change or unsub is the wrong thing to do. It has been wrong long before the FTC made this ruling.
Tamara Gielen -  someone proposes to send people to a page where they are automatically signed in... not sure how secure that would be though...
[Comment From Adam Covati]
It's aggravating when people don't get something just because it's counter to their current business or way of doing things. It's not complex, you just don't want to change
Tamara Gielen -  apparently July 7 is the day by which you have to make changes to your preference centers
Tamara Gielen -  next topic: unsolicited marketing messages being sent to my Facebook inbox - does can-spam apply?
Tamara Gielen -  according to Dave Hendricks (Datran) can-spam does not apply
Tamara Gielen -  social networking platforms seems to have their own rules
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
Just talking to David Baker about this and so many brands have this issue. Credit card services, social media sites, group lists, magazine publishers, and many many more. There are going to be some BUSY people over the next 40 days
Tamara Gielen -  Alan Chapell argues that there are two suits that say that can-spam does apply...
Tamara Gielen -  this was an interesting panel :)
Tamara Gielen -  Next up is a panel on "deliverability secrets unwrapped". On the panel are David Atlas, Jack Hogan, Melinda J Smith and Spencer Kollas.
Tamara Gielen -  what is deliverability? Spencer makes the point that lots of companies calculate the delivery rate differently
Tamara Gielen -  which of course makes it difficult to compare apples with apples
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
The great unknown: Deliverability. To me...another one that marketers don't really get. Thoughts?
Tamara Gielen -  they are talking about deliverability best practices. nothing really new: you must set up feedback loops and deal with spam complaints, you need to drop unknown users, review your unsub practices, monitor whether your campaigns are being delivered to the inbox...
Tamara Gielen -  we've been talking about this for the last 2 years...
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Jack from LifeScript - gets it. So does Spencer at StrongMail...
Tamara Gielen -  Jack Hogan from Lifescript makes the point that lots of senders still do not get that they need to comply with best practices
Tamara Gielen -  uh-oh - battery levels are getting really low :(
Tamara Gielen -  need a dell power cord in the next 30 mins... anyone?
Tamara Gielen -  Jack makes the point that you should check whether the new IP addresses that you are using are not on any blacklists
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
that idea of checking IPs is an interesting one. When an ESP sets them up there should not be that issue, but I personally never thought of that. Going to add that to my list for my dev team @eroi
Tamara Gielen -  Spencer says: some ISPs don't allow more than x number of messages per hour to pass through their mail servers from one IP address

Tamara Gielen -  @dylan it's new to me as well, but it definitely makes sense to do a quick check
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Jack knows his stuff. I just worry that FAR TOO MANY marketers don't get it at all.
Tamara Gielen -  @DJ that is definitely a reality that we are facing today. And that's why we have events and blogs like there :-)
Tamara Gielen -  they are talking about Sender ID, DKIM, SPF, DomainKeys... Melinda makes the point that it's not too difficult to set these up and that they are well documented on the web - so it's a no-brainer: everybody should publish these records and authenticate their emails
Tamara Gielen -  they are getting into third party solutions now
Tamara Gielen -  did you know that Goodmail has a competitor now? they are called Brandmail Solutions
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
They are kind of putting me to sleep. I need MORE info that brings up things most of us don't know. Give me more.....
Tamara Gielen -  I agree - not a lot of new things in this panel - kind of feels like email deliverability 101
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
@dtboyd. there IS no more. just need more to IMPLEMENT...all about education
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
Brandmail is sponsoring the event TG. I have not seen it yet.
Tamara Gielen -  @dylan yeah, they are just entering the market apparently
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
uh oh...no mention of PV on this slide...uh oh.
[Comment From Maddy]
Intersting... MindComet calls their email solution BrandM@il. That could cause confusion.
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
They are from the UK and on the way to the states now. Really need to have more than one page to have a website http://brandmail.com/ not even a contact form or newsletter opt in.
Tamara Gielen -  @dylan as far as I know they are a US company operating out of California
Tamara Gielen -  test

Tamara Gielen -  there's someone from Dell sitting right behind me. I should ask him if he has a power adapter that I can borrow :-)
[Comment From Kelly Reaves]
http://www.brandmailsolutions.com/ - this is the CA company's site. And I thought we were the only one using the term, BrandM@il.
[Comment From DJ Waldow]
Managing your reply-to inbox is KEY!!
Tamara Gielen -  new session on social media called "reaching the social community with email"
Tamara Gielen -  the Dell guy had a powercord! DELL RULEZ! :)
[Comment From Melinda]
We actually use PV at Expedia. Good feedback. One of the things that I find difficult in these panels is understanding what is it that the audience wants to hear about on the subject.
Tamara Gielen -  Hi Melinda, you did a good job on the panel - the speakers were great, there just isn't that much new to say about this topic I guess
[Comment From Melinda]
Deliverability is kind of a boring subject for the non-geeks and not as "sexy" as social media. =)
Tamara Gielen -  :-) that is sooo true. I think it still sounds very complicated to most marketers and I guess that they have the feeling that it's not their job but the job of IT to take care of that. I wonder that we may not be talking to the right people about deliverability
[Comment From Melinda]
Agreed, we need to find a forumn that will get our IT folks engaged, AOTA is probably one option, but I don't think it reaches the network/datacenter folks broadly enough. Was it EEC that proposed volunteering to speak and non-standard conferences?
Tamara Gielen -  Some Jupiter Research data:
- email will be a 2.1 billion industry in 2012
- the amount of email to someone's primary email inbox hasn't really gone up in the last couple of years
- cell phones are used a lot to check mail instead of the inbox
- 18-24 year olds: emails is still an effective driver for purchase for this demographic, they are less engaged with email as an application though
Tamara Gielen -  - 18-24 year olds: when they enter the workspace they will be using email just as much as the rest of us
Tamara Gielen -  I do NOT appreciate MediaPost posting the attendee list with address details included on the web!
Tamara Gielen -  Gather are talking about their social network "for adults"
Tamara Gielen -  no, not THAT kind of adults :-D
Tamara Gielen -  they're a social network for older folks - the average age is 42
Tamara Gielen -  gather.com
[Comment From RonB]
FB for the geritol set?
Tamara Gielen -  @RonB LOL
Tamara Gielen -  he talks about how their users have switched from forwarding emals to each other to using friend feeds for sharing stuff
[Comment From Melinda]
As an adult, I'm primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn, also Friendfeed, Livejournal and Twitter (and less so on Myspace). I think Brandon summarized it best earlier. I'll go wherever my friends are.
Tamara Gielen -  @Melinda: I agree
Tamara Gielen -  Is this a sponsored session about Gather?
[Comment From RonB]
Same here. Don't need a social network for "people my age"
Tamara Gielen -  I don't need an additional mailbox - I already have 6
[Comment From RonB]
Only 6! You pauper -- I have more testing accounts than that -- how else do I know if my campaigns work?!?
Tamara Gielen -  6 is not including test email accounts actually :)
[Comment From Melinda]
What I really want, is something that aggregates all of my social media feeds and interactions into a single "dashboard."
[Comment From RonB]
ok ... now *that* makes sense
Tamara Gielen -  Melinda: check out Friendfeed.com
[Comment From RonB]
So, Salesforce for your life
Tamara Gielen -  
[Comment From RonB]
I'll coin a new term - PRM - Personal Relationship Management - I want to know that my friend has added a new book on their Amazon wish list, but I don't want to go to Amazon. I want that integrated into a system that also has all my emails and phone calls to that person -- and maybe comments from other systems as well (like some sick video on YouTube) -- I can see this ... now, how do I do a market capitalization?
[Comment From Melinda]
Friendfeed is a good first step. Too bad Facebook won't play nicely.... and the UI needs some improvement, but I'm getting into it.
[Comment From RonB]
I like their concept of "invisible friends"
[Comment From Melinda]
@RonB Once you figure out the perfect PRM solution, then can you make an awesome mobile version of it?
[Comment From RonB]
if it ain't mobile-enabled then why bother making it?
Tamara Gielen -  Next session is on "performance marketing and lead generation"
Tamara Gielen -  they are going to talk about using email for acquisition
Tamara Gielen -  we have Matt Wise and Craig Swerdlow on the panel
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
this should be interesting in regard to the new Can spam rulings and how this works when there are multiple parties involved
[Comment From RonB]
Is "BeRelevant" hosted using Amazon S3?
Tamara Gielen -  @RonB not as far as I know, why?
[Comment From RonB]
Seeing data transfers from S3 and I was trying to figure out if that was the blog, CoverItLive, or the Twitter feed -- that's all ... ;-)
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
Discussion of should there be MORE than one unsub system n an email. The Audience is chiming in on all sides of this issue. More passion about one system vs what Datran is saying people should have ways to unsub from multiple brands, etc
Tamara Gielen -  It's an interesting discussion indeed
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
That s from the CoverItLive system I think @RonB ... Twitter is not using S3 right now that I know of
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
What do all of you think? I think that giving more than one relationship to unsubscribe from creates and opens up a larger issue. One person should own, manage and control the relationship.
Tamara Gielen -  I agree - I think adding multiple unsubscribes is creating a really bad user experience
[Comment From RonB]
That's the problem with us IT/Marketing guys - we keep looking at little details.
Tamara Gielen -  :)
[Comment From RonB]
I agree also - one place - make it quick, make it secure, make it prominent to the user.
Tamara Gielen -  if you're going to have people unsubscribe from ads within an email, then you should basically let them unsubscribe from each and every topic in that email
Tamara Gielen -  if you're going to have people unsubscribe from ads within an email, then you should basically let them unsubscribe from each and every topic in that email
[Comment From Maddy]
I agree Dylan. One place to unsubscribe, but the option to either get all the way out or to change your preferences - including your email address.
[Comment From Dylan Boyd]
We are actually using S3 for some massive file hosting for client email campaigns. When you send to 500K or more folks at once, using S3 makes a BIG difference on instant image loading
Tamara Gielen -  if people unsubscribe from a newsletter because of the ads in it , there's something wrong with your monetization model - or maybe you shouldn't be monetizing your emails in the first place
[Comment From RonB]
@Dylan - I bet! As long as it stays up & running
RonB -  Good point @Tamara - thus far, the campaigns I create do not use advertising of any kind, exactly for that reason.
DJ Waldow -  relevant, targeted, timely - simple, right?
DJ Waldow -  Said another way...why do we spend so much time on FTC Laws, Deliverability issues, etc? It's all about relevancy, timelieness, targeted messages. Simple.
Melinda -  We are always at war so to speak with the advertising group about sponsored emails and banners. Yes, I get their position to have the revenue stream, but we don't want to carte blanche let them sell anything.
RonB -  @Melinda - hold your ground!
Melinda -  So, we push back and figure out *when* it's appropriate (aka relevant) to the consumer.
Tamara Gielen -  when I was still at eBay I would only allow them to add advertising in our emails if they were relevant for our audience
Dylan Boyd -  The hot button with Unsub always gets pushed at these events. People are really heated about unsubs. Like their customers slap them in the face. Guys... it's ok to break up, often times they are still buying from you, just dont have time for your emails
Tamara Gielen -  in the 2 years I ran their email program we only had ads in our newsletters 3 times
DJ Waldow -  Yes, but relevancy is from the consumer perspective...NOT the sender. As senders, we think our subscribers want to read everything we send them. not always the case
Melinda -  I want to spend more time figuring out how to get better content management solutions to enable "hyper segmented" content, and to coincide, a better mechanism for personalization or preference centers
DJ Waldow -  @Melinda: you nailed it.
Dylan Boyd -  Interesting while this panel goes on "someone" sitting next to me just showed me that they opted in to one of the people in this room that does 3rd party emails. And in 15 days they have got 73 emails. WOW. What was event more interesting was that they are ALL from major brands. So are these major brands just as much to blame for this 3rd party email CRAP and why we are always fighting this perception of spam VS valid emails
Melinda -  @DJ Waldow True, we're not considered reasonable consumers and it's a challenge to measure or know what it is the consumer want. Even if you ask them, what they say and what they do are often at odds.
Tamara Gielen -  great panel - it definitely sparked some great discussions
Tamara Gielen -  we have two vendors in Belgium that provide an opt-in list that you can mail to. They basically run campaigns to gather opt-ins and the people opting in to their newsletters basically get promotions and messages based on a very extensive profile that they fill out when signing up. They even have a category for people that have false teeth
DJ Waldow -  how to effectiively manage 15 ESP relationships
RonB -  @Dylan -- sounds like you have nailed that one
Tamara Gielen -  lunch time now... will be back tomorrow at 9am PST
RonB -  @Y'all -- gee thanks ...
[Comment From @emailkarma - Matt V]
Dylan - I completely agree with that statement - why so any unless your hiding something
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Conference: Customer focused email - marketing to people not lists

In this day and age of marketing via the email channel, it's becoming more obvious than ever that we, as marketers need to change our methods to keep up with our subscribers' requirements. We need to be more subscriber/customer focused and ensure we deliver emails which the subscriber wants. In return we will be rewarded with better deliverability, increased ROI and happier subscribers.

Stephanie Miller of Return Path, a great advocate of the 'subscriber experience' will be Keynote Speaker at the UK DMA's Email Marketing Conference coming up on June 5th at the London Zoo (and yes, you can visit the zoo in your lunch break!). The title of the conference is: Customer focused email - marketing to people not lists.

To find out more about the conference go to :


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Using Email to Promote Conferences and Events

E-mail is one of the most popular ways for b-to-b marketers to publicize conferences or other events they’re hosting or attending.

In this article Tara Lamberson provides some tips to make the most of your event-oriented e-mail campaigns:

1) Make sure the right people get invited to events they’d care about.
If you already have established groups of people who come to conferences, e-mail is a great way to retain those attendees and give them information about upcoming seminars or conferences.

If you’re just beginning to gather subscriber data, use surveys to determine what kinds of events customers and prospects would be interested in. Tapping advanced relationship marketing and behavioral targeting also can provide intuitive recommendations for relevancy, she said.

In addition, marketers are moving away from sending long newsletters listing upcoming events for the month or quarter, Lamberson said. “Marketers assumed the user would scroll through and pick the one that’s relevant for them,” she said. “The trend now is to send a targeted communication that has only two events instead of 10 to a customer who might be more likely to check them out.”

2) Timing matters.
Marketers that send messaging out too far in advance run the risk of participants forgetting about the event. But if there’s too short a window, there’s a strong likelihood the e-mail recipient won’t attend.

If the event is offline and participants need to book travel or seek budgetary approval, It is recommended to send an initial notice between six months and 90 days in advance. For online events, messaging 90 days in advance gives interested recipients enough time to put it on their calendar.

Sending out reminders as the event nears is important, too. Some companies ask people who sign up when and how they’d like to receive reminders—for instance, more e-mails or a text messagemeaning texting via cell phones?

Personally I think 90 days for an online event is way too long. One month is more than enough notice in my opinion.

3) Keep event announcements concise.
A short e-mail is critical. The top of the message should contain a brief sentence or two describing the event. Then, use a bullet format to tell e-mail recipients why they should attend, she suggested. Add a link to another site for more detailed information, and always have a call to action in every e-mail so recipients can sign up immediately if they want to.

4) Don’t focus exclusively on the acquisition end of the event.
Most marketers focus all their energy—and budget—on drawing people to their company’s events. However, there’s also great value in connecting with attendees via e-mail once the conference is over. She suggested sending attendees from a recent event an e-mail with a link to an online survey to provide feedback. “It’s a great way to capture quantitative data, get testimonials and find out if this kind of event is still relevant for them going forward,” Tara said.

One more tip:

If you are trying to get top-level executives to your event, try to make the email as short and as personal as possible: 

  • go for a short, simple text email that focusses on the benefits of them attending the event. Remember, these people typically have hundreds of emails in their inboxes and they will very likely read your email on a blackberry or smartphone.
  • if relevant, put a familiar name in the sender name to make it look like the email came from someone that they know, or have heard of eg. your CEO.

Source: btobonline

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Increase Revenues and Protect Brands with Online Reputation Management - Webinar

On Tuesday April 29th, experts from Habeas, LashBack and Publishers Clearing House will discuss:

  • How being reputable online is a competitive advantage in any economy
  • How to analyze, improve and manage email and Web operations with online reputation management strategies and tools
  • Case studies, best practices and tips you can leverage immediately for your business or clients

Click here for more information and to register.

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MarketingSherpa Names Winners of 2008 Email Marketing Awards

At MarketingSherpa's 3rd Annual Email Summit award ceremony held today, Jeanne Hopkins and Exact Target's Joel Book presented Email Awards in recognition of the year's most outstanding email marketing campaigns. Logitech's campaign submitted by Direct Impact, "Logitech DiNovo Edge and Logitech MX Revolution," was named Best of Show.

The awards are rewarding campaigns that work successfully in the real world. Entries were submitted into 10 categories and further broken into B-to-B or consumer. Attendees of the Email Summit will be given the opportunity to review all the winning campaigns. 

The 2008 Email Marketing Awards include: 

  • Best of Show: "Logitech DiNovo Edge and Logitech MX Revolution" submitted by Direct Impact (Consumer: Promotional Blast-Direct Sale or Lead Gen Offer category) 
  • Best (or most dramatic) test you learned from (B-to-B) Gold: "Southcentral Foundation Company Newsletter" submitted by Southcentral Foundation 
  • Best (or most dramatic) test you learned from (Consumer) Gold: "Key Messaging MultiVariate Test for Kolbe Corp." submitted by Mighty Interactive Silver: "Insurance.com - CYQ Urgent Email" submitted by Insurance.com 
  • Best Automated Series (Auto Responder) (B-to-B) Gold: "VMWare - Customer Cost Savings" submitted by VMWare Silver: "Dell - Customer Ratings & Reviews" submitted by T3 (The Think Tank) Honorable Mention: "CoastGuard Automated Series Upgrade 2007" submitted by Placeworld Marketing 
  • Best Automated Series (Auto Responder) (Consumer) Gold: "Intellidyn Lead Incubation" submitted by Intellidyn Corporation Silver: "Farecast Alert - Airfare Predictions" submitted by Farecast Honorable Mention: "Les Roches Autoresponder" submitted by Internet Strategy Group 
  • Best Email Opt-in Campaign (B-to-B) Gold (Information Management): "IBM - Gain Greater ROI" submitted by IBM Gold (Telecom): "Motorola WiMAX Global Relationship Marketing Campaign" submitted by Motorola Gold (Largest Entry): "Rainmaker Report - The One Piece of Advice You Can't Generate Leads Without" submitted by RainToday.com Gold (Technology): "The Sun Asian Pacific Re-Engagement Campaign" submitted by Acxiom Digital Silver: "Germanwings October Revolution" submitted by rabbit eMarketing Honorable Mention: "MomAgenda" submitted by Portent Interactive 
  • Best Email Opt-in Campaign (Consumer) Gold (Retail): "Circuit City Marketing Email" submitted by Circuit City Gold (Recreation): "AMF $50,000 Summer Free-For-All" submitted by Fishbowl Inc. Gold (Publishing): "BHG.com & Parents.com - 50 Days of Giveaways" submitted by Meredith Corporation Gold (Education): "Learning A-Z - Open House" submitted by Learning A-Z 
  • Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging (B-to-B) Gold: "Dell - Email Registration Direct Mail" submitted by T3 (The think Tank) Silver: "Royal Caribbean Cruises - VIP CruisePass" submitted by OTOlabs 
  • Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging (Consumer) Gold: "U.S. Army Recruiting" submitted by U.S. Army Silver (tie): "Motorcycle Insurance - In the Saddle" submitted by Ariad Marketing Communications Silver (tie): "Vail SnowMate" submitted by Recreation-OTOlabs 
  • Best Postcard-Style Campaign (B-to-B) Gold: "Internet Marketing Services - A Holiday Gift" submitted by Blue Tent Marketing 
  • Best Postcard-Style Campaign (Consumer) Gold: "Renault SIAB" submitted by White Image Silver: "Indiana University - Fiscal Year-end Thanks You Email" submitted by Indiana University Foundation 
  • Best Promotional Relaunch Blast (Consumer) Gold: "Spencer Gifts - Fart Machine - "That Ain't Hot Air - Fart-O-Nator" submitted by Spencer Gifts 
  • Best Promotional Blast-Direct Sale or Lead Gen Offer (B-to-B) Gold: "Dell - Top Rated Products" submitted by T3 (The Think Tank) Silver: "SAP PartnershipEdge Program" submitted by SAP America Honorable Mention: "Biolase Ezlase Diode Laser" submitted by Biolase Technology 
  • Best Promotional Blast-Direct Sale or Lead Gen Offer (Consumer) Gold: "Wacom: Power of Pens" submitted by eROI Silver (tie): "Kodak - "Two-fer" submitted by OgilvyOne Worldwide Silver (tie): "Windows Live Hotmail Incentivize Migration" submitted by VML Seattle Honorable Mention: "Raptors - Oh My Bosh!" submitted by Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment 
  • Best Single Welcome Letter (to New Subscribers) (B-to-B) Gold: "Priority club Meeting Rewards - Welcome Emails" submitted by Digitas 
  • Best Single Welcome Letter (to New Subscribers) (Consumer) Gold: "Maxwell House - Spruce Up Your House" submitted by OgilvyOne Worldwide 
  • Best Triggered Personalized Email (B-to-B) Gold: "Wer liefert was? (WLW) Customer Loyalty Program" submitted by rabbit eMarketing Silver: "Dell Small & Medium Business Saved Cart" submitted by T3 (The Think Tank) 
  • Best Triggered Personalized Email (Consumer) Gold: "Happy Birthday from Pepsi" submitted by Tribal DDB Silver: "Tennessee Dept. of Tourist Development - License to Ride with Elvis or Dolly" submitted by Paramore/Redd Online Marketing 
  • Best Email Newsletter for Marketing Purposes (B-to-B) Gold: "Sun Microsystems Global Channel Partner Newsletter" submitted by Connection2 Silver: "Cars.com Dealer Advantage" submitted by Cars.com 
  • Best Email Newsletter for Marketing Purposes (Consumer) Gold: "HP Home & Home Office Store Newsletter Redesign" submitted by Yesmail Silver (tie): "My Coke Rewards Newsletter" submitted by Yesmail Silver (tie): "Sears - What's in Store for You? email program" submitted by M Marketing Inc.
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More Coverage from MarketingSherpa's Email Summit

As you may or may not know, MarketingSherpa invited me to attend this year's summit as a blogger. But I wasn't the only one that blogged about the event:

Read Anna Billstrom's coverage of the event here:

It was great meeting you, Anna!

Read John Jantsch's coverage here:

Read Chris Knight's coverage here:

Read EmailGarage's coverage here:


Al Iverson (who is the godfather of deliverability - at least that's how he was described by someone here at the conference) saw everyone was live blogging from the MarketingSherpa event and although he wasn't there he decided to jump on the bandwagon :-)

If I missed any blog posts in this overview, feel free to add them in the comments!

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Top 5 Takeaways - According to MarketingSherpa

We had a major power outage and some internet problems today so as from 11am I couldn't post anymore. The summit is over and I will be writing my top takeaways later today or tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here are the top 5 takeaways as MarketingSherpa saw them:

1. marketers have to be more than marketers: they need to get along with sales, the CFO,... it's not just about delivering demand.

2. Is 2008 the year that email marketing get religion on landing pages? For the first time the landing pages are almost always part of the discussion.

3. It's all about the message: use the click-to-open rate to measure the quality of your content. It will tell you over time what kind of subjects your readers like.

4. Marketing + IT = a Happy Family :-)


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