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Blogging from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit

I arrived in Miami yesterday. The weather here is great and I am allowed to go shopping on behalf of  British Airways because they managed to loose my luggage and at this point they still don't know where my clothes are :-( Other than that, life is great! :-)

Like I did last week at the EEC event, I will be live blogging again. Today we start at 8.45am Eastern time (2.45pm CET). Stay tuned.

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Blogging at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit, Feb 24-26 in Miami

Last Friday I returned from the EEC's Email Evolution Conference in San Diego where I spoke on a keynote panel about blogging. It was a great event, both in terms of sessions and in terms of networking.

Next week I'll be attending MarketingSherpa's 3rd annual Email Summit in Miami. MarketingSherpa actually invited me to their event as a blogger and have asked me to attend the sessions and blog about what I learn at the event. So look out for more live blog posts early next week!

If you are attending the summit next week, let me know! We are arranging an informal get together with some folks from the Email Marketer's Club.

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EEC Conference: US Legislation and Beyond

Here are my notes from the "US Legislation and Beyond" lunch session:

FTC is especially concerned about malware and spyware and online behavioral advertising

Eileen (FTC) talked about email and Can-Spam

www.ftc.com -> new report on Spam

ISP email filters are increasingly effective in keeping spam out of consumer inboxes

the spam that is getting through is a vector for crime  -it has code loaded on it that installs malware etc

the real spam they are up against is of the criminal type -> they urge everyone to work with criminal enforcers to support their efforts

can-spam enforcement is still a priority for them though

"you are responsible for knowing how your ads are being delivered to people's computers" -> is your agency displaying ads and at the same time installing stuff without getting specific consent? -> the FTC is very strict on not downloading software onto people's computers without their prior consent

online behavioral advertising -> they focus on data security as well -> need to have measures in place to prevent hackers from accessing your customer data
-> check out the FTC website and comment on their guidelines (by April 11th) - they want the industry to be self-regulatory -> however, they expect to have federal legislation on the use of personal data in the future.

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Update from the Email Evolution Conference

The Email Evolution Conference here in San Diego officially started with a fabulous dinner cruise: I spent the whole evening talking and catching up with some of the greatest minds in the email industry. If you weren't there, you definitely missed out! I'll try to find someone that took some pictures and share them with you later.

Tomorrow morning at 8.20am PST the conference sessions will start with a keynote by Jeanniey Mullen (Ogilvy/Zinio), David Daniels (JupiterResearch), Craig Spiezle (Microsoft) and Chip House (ExactTarget). I'm looking forward to some great content during the two days of the event. If there is an internet connection in the room, I will try and "live blog" from the event, so watch out for that!

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If There's One Thing You Wanted To Know About Me, What Would It Be?

Okay, I admit: that's a dangerous question to ask so I will commit only to answer questions that are related to blogging about email marketing ;-) But let me give you some context as to why I'm inviting you to ask questions:

At the eec's Email Evolution Conference in San Diego next month, I'll be sitting on a panel with fellow email marketing bloggers Dylan Boyd (The Email Wars), Chad White (Retail Email Blog/EEC Blog) and Maddy Hubbard of Blue Hornet.

We'll be talking about why we blog, how we keep up with it, and lots of other aspects of our blogging. In this session we'll be answering questions from the moderator and the audience -- but we also wanted to give our readers a chance to chime in and ask us questions. So if you have burning questions for me or any of my co-panelists, please let me know via email or by commenting on this post.

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Join Me at the EEC Email Marketing Conference in San Diego

Four good reasons why you should go to the EEC's Email Evolution Conference in San Diego on February 12-13, 2008:

  • Dylan Boyd is offering $200 dollars off the registration fee. Get the secret discount code here.
  • You get to hang out with all the cool kids from the email marketing industry, including myself ;-)
  • The weather is going to be fantastic!
  • You want to find out why I can't stop blogging about email marketing. Me and a couple of other bloggers (Chad White, Dylan Boyd & Madeline Hubbard) will telling you all about it.

If you're convinced but you still need to convince "the boss", here are some more arguments:

  • The event offers a 3-tiered track. One for beginners, one for advanced and one for C-level conversations. So if you are a bit weaker on one area but stronger in another you can customize your track.
  • You'll hear experienced email marketers and industry leaders openly and honestly share their successes, challenges and outlook for the future.
  • Companies that will be speaking include: JupiterResearch, Microsoft, Sonoma, American Express, National Geographic, Allstate, Cisco, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, Continental Airlines,  The Motley Fool, Network Direct, Wells Fargo, IBM, Keybank, Trek Bicycle, Daily Candy, WebEx, Merkle and lots of others.

If you are serious about email marketing, you seriously do not want to miss this event! Sign up now (and don't forget to enter your secret discount code that you can find here).

If you're coming, let me know, I'd love to meet you!

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Chad's takeaways from the Email Insider Summit

Chad White posted his takeaways from the Email Insider Summit on his excellent blog. Here are some of the highlights:

  • While sender reputation was, of course, much talked about, the newer angle was the effect of content links on deliverability. For instance, Craig Spiezle, director of online trust at Microsoft, said if you create a link to an IP address, [the email] is going to be blocked because that’s a known spammer tactic. “Just like you don’t want to look like a spammer, you don’t want your links to look like a phisher,” he said.
  • Dennis Dayman, director of deliverability, privacy and standards at StrongMail, told the story of a teen furniture and accessories retailer that was getting blocked by MSN/Hotmail because they used “teen” throughout their emails along with other key words that led Microsoft’s systems to suspect that their emails were pedophilia-related. He said it took six to eight weeks before the realized the issue and were able to get it resolved.
  • 8% of email users triage their email with handhelds, deleting spam and unimportant emails so when they get to a computer only the relevant emails remain, according to Daniels.

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Stephanie Miller's Top 5 Observations and Predictions for the Email Marketing Industry

Over on the Email Insider Summit blog Stephanie Miller (one of the industry thought leaders that I admire very much) posted her top five observations and predictions for the industry:

  1. Relevancy is key to success in email marketing.  As email marketing expands to include mobile distribution, social networking and multi-channel approaches, creating amazing subscriber experiences now includes not just pace and content but place.  We have more opportunity than ever and the technology is making it easier to tap multiple messaging channels to reach and engage with subscribers and prospects.

  2. Subscriber fatigue is real.  The bar is higher and we marketers need to step up and work harder to create compelling subscriber experiences.  Even outside of the horrible spam, our inboxes are too full of messages that do not speak to us as individuals.

  3. Sender reputation matters.  The ISPs and receivers are working harder than ever to battle the spammers, and legitimate senders still get caught in the trap.  There is still a lot of friction between marketers and ISPs/receivers, and marketers and government regulators.  We as an industry need to step up here to remove some of this friction. 

  4. Segmentation isn’t going far enough.  Stephanie was delighted to see how many more marketers are employing segmentation in 2007 than in 2006.  Bravo, bravo!  But the net effect for subscribers is still that too many programs feel generic.  We are not yet creating 1:many experiences that feel like 1:1 to our subscribers, and that is what is driving up fatigue and complaints and depressing response rates.

  5. List growth will come from well timed, short term email experiences, rather than one size fits all opt-ins.  Not every email experience has to be forever.  Instead, we marketers will be able to tap into the key moments of the customer lifecycle to create unique and powerful experiences when the customer is in market.  When the customer is not in market, we’ll send less email that focuses on relationship rather than transaction.

Thanks for sharing this wisdom with us, Stephanie! I really hope I can make it to the May edition of the Email Insider Summit.

Source: Email Insider Summit blog

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Email Insider Summit: David Daniels, Jupiter Media

Dylan posted his notes from David Daniels' session at the Email Insider Summit. Here are some highlights:

  • How are people spending time? Email 87%, Search 70%, Research 64%, Purchase 60%, IM 37%.
    These are the top activities by online consumers, not consumers in general.
  • The average person gets 274 emails a week in personal email.
  • 304 emails a week at work email.
  • 74% of people have 2 email accounts.
  • 8% triage emails with handheld devices. (Growing)
  • 18% of heavy email buyers use their mobile device to deal with emails prior to reading them in the inbox.
  • 26% of the inbox is opt in marketing campaigns, the other 74% of the emails are typical personal or business correspondence.
  • Why people opt out:
    53% of people unsub due to irrelevance.
    40% due to frequency
    26% unsub using this this is Spam or Junk button.

Read more here.

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Email Insider Summit: Is Technology Good or Bad for the Industry?

On the Email Insider Summit blog, Stephanie Miller talks about a lively debate that occured at a panel in the morning.

"Moderator Matt Blumberg of Return Path asked if technology is helping or hurting email marketing - and in particular how the do not track registry would potentially restrict marketer’s ability to create relevancy. 

The panel reacted quickly with different opinions.  Jack Hogan, COO of LifeScript took a strong tack, advising marketers to match email subscriber files with web analytics.  “If your customers are not engaging online with your site or your brand, take them off your email file.”

Hal Brierley, founder of eMiles, was defending the FTC’s Do Not Track registry saying that marketers don’t need all that behavioral data to make good decisions about how to create relevant subscriber experiences.  He firmly defends the importance of self reported data.  “Being obsessed with data is not a good thing for marketers.”

David Daniels of Jupiter Research felt the opposite - and eloquently proposed that behavioral data is the single most powerful way to create relevancy.  Jack agreed.  Both felt that the benefits to consumers outweighed any privacy concerns.  If marketers use the data well, the result will be relevant experiences tied to consumer interest and behavior, making email and the web a better place. “We are helping consumers."

Continue reading here.

Matt Blumberg also talked about Facebook in another session.

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Getting Ready For The Email Insider Summit

The agenda is finished, the final touches done. Next week at this time, BIll McCloskey will be sitting in beautiful Park City, Utah, basking in the camaraderie of the finest email marketing minds on the planet, at the 4th Email Insider Summit.

They go to the Email Summit to eat, drink, and be merry with other email marketers in an intimate setting. They go to play golf, ski, and have dinner. And most importantly, they go to discuss with each other the issues they face as email marketers in a private, closed-door setting.

I attended the last edition of this summit and I definitely second Bill McCloskey when he says: if you have never been to the Email Insider Summit, and you are serious about email marketing, I strongly suggest you make it out to Utah next week. You will walk out three days later better marketers, inspired, energized, and feeling empowered with new knowledge, contacts, and friends.

I'm really sad I won't be able to make it to this edition of the summit, but I definitely look forward to attend the next one in May.

If you're not able to make it next week, then I encourage you to join me and sign up for the eec/DMA Email Evolution Conference in February in San Diego, California. As David Daniels says:

“Evolution” is the must attend event for all digital marketers that have love/respect/fear/unawareness and understanding for email as the linchpin of digital marketing and messaging in our lifetime.

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EECs Email Evolution Conference

On February 11-13 the Email Experience Council is organizing the first edition of its annual email marketing event, the Email Evolution Conference, in San Diego, California.

The conference is organized into three tracks:

  • Fundamental, which is geared toward the Email Deployment Manager/Coordinator;
  • Intermediate, which is intended for Interactive/Direct Marketing Managers and Directors; and
  • Advanced, which is for Executive Marketing/Advertising Leads and CMOs.

The three-track format is designed to ensure that all attendees are getting information tailored to their expertise levels. The sessions cover a wide range of email marketing topics, from acquisition and list management to multichannel marketing.

Check out the agenda here.

Don't be surprised if you see my name on the agenda. I will be keynoting on the second day, together with Dylan Boyd and Chad White :-)

Hope to see some of you at the conference!

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First EEC Email Marketing Event: The Email Evolution Conference

The eec will be holding its first annual event - the Email Evolution Conference - February 11-13, 2008 in San Diego, California.

This launch event is designed to be the major annual gathering of all levels of marketing professionals who are tackling their on-the-job marketing solutions. The event will have three major components:

  1. a three-track educational format, including both traditional seminar formats and elements of peer-to-peer learning
  2. networking gatherings for all levels of marketing professionals
  3. an interactive hall that will showcase tools, technologies, services and infrastructure for all levels of email marketers

Stay tuned for more information on this event coming in the next few weeks.

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Email Deliverability and Reputation Management Webinar

This Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time, WhatCounts will host a webinar on the subject of Email Deliverability and Reputation Management for the new email marketing landscape.

Justin Foster will moderate a panel consisting of Michelle Eichner, Co-Founder & VP Client Services at Pivotal Veracity, and John Karpovich, Founder at Port25 Solutions. He promises to deliver some takeaways you have not seen before and a lot of great educational content that will broaden your understanding of email deliverability and sender reputation.

Topics include:

  • Email deliverability in a nutshell
  • Sender reputation in the deliverability landscape
  • How different ISPs handle reputation
  • How marketers in three different situations can best manage reputation and deliverability:
  • Email marketers sending to a house list in a primarily retention program
  • Email marketers embarking on a new email acquisition strategy
  • Email marketers moving to a new vendor/ESP or IP address
  • How email marketing infrastructure can impact reputation and deliverability
  • Top deliverability myths to look out for.

Register here.

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