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Invite Your Readers To Become An Insider

Here's an interesting tip from Prescott "Pete" Lustig, Senior Marketing Strategist at Loop Consulting Group:

An approach for attracting readers to your enewsletters --and getting people to read through them -- is an invitation to become an insider. Insiders get the useful information first. They get the facts that others don't yet have. They become, in effect, members of a private club.

In actuality, all readers of the newsletters become insiders just by opening them. But the strategy is to establish an identity for the letters as a source for exclusive information.

This works particularly well for financially-oriented newsletters. But it can also work for sports, entertainment (celebrity scoop), health, politics and more.

So, don't just lay the info out there. Enhance its value with an aura of exclusivity.

Source: Loop's eNewsletter Marketing Spot

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How Many Articles Does a Newsletter Need?

In article on the ChiefMarketer website, Peter Krass answers the question "How Many Articles Does a Newsletter Need?".

He states that the right number of articles for a newsletter is however many it takes to do the job. And the job is reaching your target audience, getting your message across, and persuading your readers to take whatever action it is that you want them to take. That might mean just one article. Or it might mean 30.

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for determining the right number of articles. Instead, you'll need consider this short list of common variables. Each has implications for the best number of articles:

  • Do you want to convey breadth and range? Or deep, intense focus?

  • Who are your readers? Do they already know your company or not?

  • Do you mainly want to drive traffic to your website? Or do you just want to keep in touch with your readers?

  • What are your resources?

So, if you find yourself wondering how many articles your newsletter should include, first consider who you are, who your readers are, what actions you want to inspire, and your resources.

Read the full article for more details.

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Give Customers What They Want with Preferences

I received an email from Silverpop a few minutes ago in which they announced their new white paper "Give Customers What They Want with Preferences".

According to Silverpop, research has shown that when customers have the power of choice (the ability to choose what they receive from you, when and how often) they will also choose to maintain an email relationship with you.

In this white paper they explain the why, what and how of creating and implementing a valuable preference center to empower your customers and improve the success of your email marketing efforts.

Here are some quotes:

"By implementing a preference center, you are shifting control of the relationship back into the hands of your customer or recipient."

"When recipients control what messages they get, their relevancy goes way up, and with it their open and click-through rates."

"In a world without preferences, the only option for recipients is to opt-out of all communications: the end of the line for your email relationship."

"You need to figure out how much control you can give recipients without offering an unmanageable number of preferences."

"A good tactic is to check various competitors' sites to see what options they are including to ensure you are not missing anything."

"Customers are naturally sensitive about receiving promotional materials. They'll be more receptive to your message if you give them some control over the amount of promotional material they receive."

"Only certain types of messages lend themselves to recipient-controlled frequencies."

"As marketers and their email service providers get more sophisticated, preference options are going to get more personalized and more specific. Recipients are going to be able to choose not only what they receive, when, and how frequently, but also via what channel."

Download the whitepaper "Give Customers What They Want with Preferences" here.

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Targeted Email Newsletters Show Continued Strength

E-newsletters that are informative, convenient, and timely are often preferred over other media. However, a new study found that only 11% of newsletters were read thoroughly, so layout and content scannability are paramount.

Increased spam has made people even more stressed and impatient when processing their inboxes. Users have less tolerance than ever for newsletters that waste their time. Users often employ their spam filters to avoid newsletters that they no longer want.

The fact that many users will declare a newsletter to be spam when they tire of it has terrifying implications: legitimate newsletters might get blacklisted and thus ISPs might block their delivery to other subscribers. This is a compelling reason to increase the usability of the unsubscribe process: better to lose a subscriber than to be listed as spam.

The most frequent complaint was about newsletters that arrived too often. The advice here is to "keep it brief". Only 11% of the newsletters are read thoroughly - they are skimmed, never read or saved for later reading.

Designing for users who scan rather than read is essential for a newsletter's survival. Layouts must be designed to let users quickly grasp each issue's content and zero in on specifics. Content and writing styles must support users who read only part of the material.

Immediate Utility
Newsletters must be current and timely. They must justify their inbox space on a daily basis. Having been relevant in the past is not enough.

Finally, Jacob Nielsen states that email newsletters are so powerful that the best of them do have a future. However, the fight for inbox survival might leave room for only the most useful, targeted newsletters.

Source: Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

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